Who We Are & What We Do

The Cornell University SnakeArm is a project team that seeks to design and fabricate a class of robotic arms that best resemble the strength, fluidity, precision, and dexterity of a snake by maximizing our arm's degrees of freedom and payload capacity and ensuring mechanical compliance.

Our robot is being designed with medical applications such as remote surgery and biomedical endoscopic robotics in mind.

We are currently working on the fourth generation of the robotic arm.

Contact Us

Mailing Address

CU SnakeArm

B62 Upson Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853


Team Lead: Jeff Lebovici


MechE Lead: Ricky Ishida


ECE/CS Lead: Adam McCann


Business Leads: Anuj Rastogi & Eric Burel



Latest News

CU Snakearm at BOOM 2009

We were well received at the BOOM with people appreciating our Robotic arm as well as our progress towards the ultimate goal of designing an arm capable of performing remote surgery.

Check out the pics of the event here.

CU Snakearm at BioExpo 2009

Our mission of producing an accurate, flexible and low-cost robotic arm able to perform remote surgery works towards solving a big humanitarian crisis by enabling the best medical support to reach the less developed parts of world. Our motto and progress were well appreciated by people from academia and the medical community.